Love Tiles


One of my favourite places for street art in Dublin city centre is Love Lane in Temple Bar. It’s usually with hesitation that I turn into this secluded, slightly pungent alleyway, but the risk is worth it. Linking Essex street to Dame street, the entrance has an apt piece of political art by Maser, followed by boxing gloves in the shape of a heart by Solus. Continuing on is a (revamped) installation by Anna Doran called ‘Love Lane’. These are candy coloured tiles with messages of love and heartbreak in the form of quotes from songs, writers and poets.  Below I’ve included images of some of my favourite tiles. I hope Dublin has more of these open air galleries of local artists. The culture of the city is definitely worth celebrating.



Dublin Street Art

Grafitti blog post

There’s a lot to see on the walls of Dublin.

Even if you’re not a fan of graffiti, there is lots of artistic expression around every street corner in Dublin city centre. From the crude to the creative, Dublin has plenty of art pieces carefully added, legally and otherwise, to its facade. Even the traffic boxes have been given a makeover.


Below are some examples of the wonderful art you can find, for free, around the city centre. Take an afternoon and a comfortable pair of shoes and explore the imaginative works of art shining from this fair city.

Temple Bar 2016-2017

Love Lane (in Temple Bar)

Around the Bernard Shaw pub & Richmond Street South

Camden Row

There are loads more sites around the city:

  • The Quays
  • Windmill Lane
  • Smithfield

Get out and see for yourselves!


We are lucky to have at our disposal multiple avenues to express our viewpoints, ideologies and beliefs. We don’t always have the capacity to capture in words what our message is; language fails us and we have to find alternative ways to symbolise ideas. Art is an important vehicle by which we can still do this, whether it is graffiti on the side of a wall, ink on skin or imaginative creations used in street protests. These can sometimes be more powerful tools.