North Dublin

I came across the Blessington Street Basin (and Blessington Street) accidentally yesterday on the way to an interview. I knew not to loiter but made a promise to revisit when the time was more appropriate. My interview was near the Botanic Gardens, where I parked by bike. Autumn in the National Botanic Gardens is beautiful. The sculptures are in place, giving the site an odd look: wispy plants and bare trees sending secret signals to one another over the autumn air, interrupted by marble mounds of mother and child and granite doughnuts.

North Dublin contains a charm not found in the rest of the county, like the secret garden that is Blessington Street Basin, a former drinking reservoir, refurbished in 1994. It is a lake ringed by a flowers and iron benches. Below are some images from my morning trek across the river to see how the north of the city is faring in these cold autumnal days.

Blessington Street Basin

The National Botanic Gardens